Kreative Director

Hi! My name is Sachin Lendis, I love solving real-world problems using information and technology. Finding the balance between data and design.

My motto is to fail fast and learn faster. As human-beings making mistakes is built into our nature, it’s the way we learn – by doing. Pushing boundaries and finding optimal ways to achieve business goals is part of my DNA.

Achieving an ergonomic user-experience one must always keep the user in mind, I believe in constant iterations and feedback in order to keep adding value to the projects I’m involved in.

My Journey

A few words to describe me

Team-work makes the dream work, coming from a very athletic background I’ve been playing in teams for the majority of my life – win or lose the value of working and collaborating with other humans is something I thoroughly enjoy! 

I always apply(from my time at Cape Union Mart) the principles of the LEAN Methodology to continuously improve my process and understanding the value each member of the team adds to the overall outcome of the businesses goals.

Being a leader is no easy task but I relish the challenge it brings, getting to know each member of the team’s strengths, weaknesses and getting to know what excites them is part of what I enjoy in leadership.