African German Youth Initiative

We were tasked by the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa(WESSA) a Non-Profit-Organisation in South Africa to develop an explainer video for their new e-learning platform currently in development.

The animation was targeted at the African Union as it would be sent as part of their funding proposal as part of the African German Youth Initiative exchange programme.

The animation shows the journey of an African exchange volunteer going abroad to Germany. She is placed in a kindergarten, interacting with the youth. Once she arrives at her residence she realises how culturally different the environment is along with the high standard of living – coming from a developing nation it is hard for students to “keep up with the Jones’ ” and be social with the residents. 

This is the problem the e-learning platform looks to solve. The exchange volunteer is able to spend her time learning new skills along with communicating to the ever-growing African Diaspora. She comes home to SA with a fresh first-world perspective along with her newly acquired skill in-order to start an initiative of her own and make a positive impact on her community.

We had an incredibly short deadline of two weeks to deliver the explainer video - Sachin was able to exceed our expectations and deliver an amazing animation. The reps from the African Union were very impressed by our funding presentation. We decided to use the video for our social channels as well. Brilliant work!