Bloom Care App

We were tasked by Mohara based in the UK for one of their clients called Pegasus Care Facilities.

Bloom is a care management application looking to revolutionise the way care-giving facilities are run using data and technology.

The client was very impressed by the storyboards after we received the initial brief. 

The storyboards were signed-off with the one change being to adjust the colour palette in-order to make it more colourful as we used the Bloom colour palette for the initial storyboards.

The final product was well-received by the target market as well as the owners of the Bloom Care App – Pegasus Care Facilities. The only thing left to do was add a back-track, the Mohara team approached me for suggestions, fortunately I product music as a hobby and decided to produce a short loop for their video.

The team at Mohara were extremely helpful in working remotely and going back-and-forth between myself and the client, overall the collaboration was a great success!

Thanks to Sachin for delivering such amazing work for an awesome client! The team at Mohara really enjoyed collaborating with him, his work is fast, efficient and he's a great team-player!