YoungstaCPT La Familie Behind The Music

We were honored to assist the Y?GEN and YoungstaCPT in taking the viewer behind the music to learn about what inspired the Cape Crusader and how his family has influenced his music. This was shot on location in Mitchell’s Plain and Ocean View, where YoungstaCPT grew up and where his grandfather Boeta “Shaakie” Roberts still resides(Ocean View), his grandfather can be seen on the cover and as the focal point and narrator of the award-winning album 3T – Things Take Time.

Sachin has been with the Y?GEN since it's inception, he continues to go above and beyond for the brand! This project is close to my heart as it is the first time I am showing my grandfather in a music video, he was able to deliver an amazing behind-the-scenes look at how the music video came together.
Riyadh Roberts/YoungstaCPT