UMA – Universal Market Access – Explainer Video

Get Komfy had the privilege to conceptualise an animated explainer video for UMA – Universal Market Access a crypto currency company that allows financial developers to develop decentralised financial contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

We assisted with the overall script, as well as designed custom characters and branding elements in-line with the UMA CI.

UMA Storyboards

This was overall a great learning experience to get a more in-depth look at how financial contracts work on the fast-growing crypto currency industry.

We also assisted them in developing a series of animated logos for their Discord.

Click the gallery below to see them move 🙂

For more info on UMA check out their website at or join their Discord via their website!

Working with Sachin was a real pleasure, he was able to grasp the high-level understanding of how our platform works and translate it into a really awesome explainer video. His turn-around time was also quick and efficient. The team at UMA found great value in the content and it helped our platform grow!