Youth Voices

We were tasked with developing an interactive website where the African German Youth Initiatives Alumni and Organisations could share their stories about how they were affecting by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was paired with a 12 minute documentary showcasing the community initiatives that were developed in-light of the pandemic. 

How each alumni and organisation took action and helped their communities through the pandemic.

Along with developing the website, we were asked to conceptualise branding for the Youth Voices website.

We decided to develop a playful, youth-inspired logo and colour palette.

This was greatly received by the target market and project managers.

Working with Sachin was an absolute pleasure, the project involved a lot of back-and-forth with collecting all the content from the alumni and organisations during the pandemic but he was patient and understanding throughout the process. He was able to deliver an amazing website, the team as well as the alumni and organisations were thoroughly impressed by what we delivered.